Analysis on operation advantages and characteristics of second-hand semi-trailer

The price of second-hand semi-trailer is to analyze the operating advantages of the vehicle. Check whether the filter screen installed at the oil filler is damaged and replace it if necessary to avoid impurities mixing into the price of second-hand semi-trailer, accelerate the wear or early damage of hydraulic components, and prevent the mixed use of hydraulic oil with different trademarks and filling hydraulic oil that does not meet the requirements of the manual.

1、 The second-hand semi-trailer fully considers the use feeling of the operators, because the workers are usually very hard and the environment is not good, which requires the second-hand semi-trailer to provide users with comfort, power direction, comfortable seats, wide vision, simple and practical buttons as much as possible. Many things should be taken into account, and the fatigue of the second-hand semi-trailer drivers should not be improved, Ensuring the satisfaction of drivers is also the key to ensuring production capacity.

2、 In hot weather, the second-hand semi-trailer must stop to cool down and check the tire condition after driving for two hours, but it is not allowed to pour cold water on the tire, which may crack the tire and shorten the service life of the tire. When the temperature reaches 35 ℃ to 37 ℃ and the vehicle speed reaches more than 100 kilometers per hour, the tire burst accident is easy to occur, In long-distance and high-speed driving, we should try to avoid sudden acceleration and sudden braking, because such a move will reduce the "capacity" in the tire, aggravate tire wear and increase instantaneous pressure, resulting in tire burst.

Three, the driver of a used semi trailer should check the vehicle before opening the vehicle to check whether there is any sign of loosening. Once it is discovered, it should be adjusted advanced, which will help reduce the accident and have a relative safety guarantee for the driver.

The second-hand semi-trailer also needs a complete maintenance after being used for a period of time. Regular maintenance is not only conducive to prolonging the service life of the vehicle, but also to ensure the normal operation and operation safety of the equipment. The manufacturer of second-hand semi-trailer price provides convenience for everyone, so that everyone can rest assured when buying, and the quality of the vehicle can be guaranteed for everyone to prevent abnormalities of the vehicle.

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