How to clean the body of second-hand semi-trailer

Step 1: clean the semi-trailer body. We use leather, cloth, carpet, vacuum cleaner and plastic products, dip the synthetic detergent solution for car washing on the rag, slowly scrub the semi-trailer body, carefully wipe it with a cloth dipped in water, avoid direct sunlight, and dry the car in a ventilated place

Step 2: clean the bumper Scrub with a sponge or soft cloth Usually use wax and brush rich in abrasive to clean the body, which will damage the appearance of the body If the vehicle body is polluted by brake oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, electrolyte, etc., wipe it with alcohol

Step 3: methods for cleaning vehicles 1 Water from the upper part of the vehicle and wipe off the stains with a sponge. In the face of stains that cannot be cleaned with water, neutral detergent is usually used. 2 Clean the lower part of the vehicle When cleaning the lower part of the vehicle, please wear rubber gloves to prevent the hands from being scratched or soiled 3. Carefully scrub the water with a soft cloth When using neutral detergent, wipe the body surface to prevent the detergent from leaving on the paint surface Cleaning the engine with water may cause problems in the wiring around the engine and affect the normal use of the vehicle If the vehicle body is corroded or discolored in case of pollution Clean contaminated areas immediately After cleaning the vehicle, check the travel braking function of the vehicle, slowly press the brake pedal, and check whether the brake can be affected by water

Step 4: wax the car body at least 1 ~ 2 times a month. Before waxing, clean the dust and water stains on the car body

1. Stick the wax onto a soft cloth, apply it evenly on the body, and polish it in one direction. Do not use wax rich in abrasive, otherwise the finish of the paint surface will be reduced

2. After drying slightly, wipe it slowly with a soft cloth

Step 5: cleaning of aluminum wheel hub when cleaning aluminum wheel hub, pay attention to the following details:

1. Use neutral detergent and scrub quickly after cleaning

2. The aluminum wheel hub is simply damaged, so it cannot be cleaned with iron brush and other hard objects

3. Do not use high-pressure steam cleaner for cleaning

4. When cleaning the aluminum wheel hub, it is forbidden to use acid agent, otherwise the wheel paint will be corroded

The above is our brief introduction to how to clean the body of second-hand semi-trailer. I hope our description can help you. If you want to know more about second-hand semi-trailer, you can leave a message and contact us. We will further solve the problems according to the problems provided by you.

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