oil tank truck


1. The oil tank semi-trailer should have a reliable grounding device and a protective device that forms a static conductive path between the oil tank semi-trailer and the liquid equipment.

2. The electrical components and conductor connections of the oil tank semi-trailer should be reliable, well shielded, and have explosion-proof measures.

oil tanker semi trailer

3.The engine exhaust pipe of the oil tank semi trailer is a front mounted structure, and a fireproof cap should be equipped during use to prevent accidents. A fire extinguisher must also be provided.

4.The oil tank semi trailer chassis must use steel wire tires, and must be equipped with front disc brakes, engine speed limiter, ABS anti-lock brake system, electrostatic belt, exhaust pipe front

5.The tank body must be made of standard carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy, with a minimum thickness of 5 mm, and a minimum of 20 cubic meters must reach 6 mm.

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